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Spectra is a new online publishing platform for STEM authors. We want to create new opportunities for anyone interested in broader knowledge-building in STEM.
Spectra has three basic aims. It will make scientific communication more accessible to the public at large, more rewarding and simple for authors, and completely open access.
With contests and other programs, we will invest back into the community. We want to give back to the graduate students, emerging researchers, independent scholars, and science-minded practitioners who bring scientific progress to life, with little or no monetary reward or public attention.
Join us to shape the future of STEM publishing.

How to submit

We’re open for submissions! For now, Spectra does not support peer review, however, we will accept a broad range of papers:
  • New and previously published research-review articles
  • Preprint papers ready for informal feedback but awaiting peer-review and eventual publication
  • Tutorials illuminating methods, workflows, and other processes
  • Previously published original research to which you have the rights
  • We accept papers across the main disciplines in STEM: Math, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Statistics, Economics, Computer Science and Biology
Spectra is brought to you by Mathpix, the popular tool for seamless document and format conversion in STEM.
You can submit articles to Spectra by creating an article in Snip web app using Mathpix Markdown, and then clicking the “Submit” button.
Mathpix Markdown is our homegrown superset of Markdown with support for extended LaTeX syntax, geared specifically to math and science. It provides a great online reading experience for scientific documents, which is why we require it for Spectra.
Please create a Mathpix account here if you do not have one already.
Please check with any previous publisher or current and past employers on copyright issues before submitting.

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For more information about content licensing and your rights as an author or reader, please read our Terms of Use.